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4 Ways Cell Phones Have Changed the Business World

Slowly but surely, we have gradually entered the “post-PC” era, where people rarely use their desktops or laptops to surf the net. Instead, they rely on their cell phones to access the internet and also use it frequently to perform other important tasks. Although it may take a while before we are be able to witness a complete transition from PCs to mobile devices, current statistics suggest that cell phones and other mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Besides impacting our daily lives, cell phones and other smart devices have also changed the way people used to do business. Millions of people around the globe are taking help from their cell phones and enjoying new levels of productivity, connectivity, and profitability. Let us have a look at 4 different ways cell phones have changed the business landscape:

  1. 24/7 Connectivity

By using mobile phones and other smart devices, the business now can stay in constant touch with each other. It does not matter whether your head office is located in London or Miami, you can reach and stay in close contact with your clients and potential customers anywhere and anytime you want. It is because of the round the clock connectivity that is achieved through mobile phones and Wi-Fi technology, businesses are now expanding their horizons and cultivating new relationships. The best part about keeping in constant touch with business partners by means of mobile calls, video calls, messages and much more is that it is absolutely free. Modern day cell phones are loaded with different apps and other business-friendly tools and often fall within the budget of ordinary business professionals, this is another reason, and businesses now rely on and greatly benefit from mobile communications. Often times cell phones are provided when you hire a limo service in Miami.

  1. Information Access

By means of mobile phones and other smart devices, businesses nowadays are able to have a better access to the important information. Whether it is about discovering new ways of doing business or finding out how your competitors are performing in the market, by using your mobile phone you now can have access to a whole range of diversified information. Not only you are able to find out this information, you can even share important information about your business with your partners.

  1. Streamlined Payment Process

Although it is very popular yet, more and more people, as well as businesses, are using their cell phones and other smart devices to make or receive payments. E-commerce industry has blossomed over the years as a result of advancements in mobile phone technology. People now feel convenient and confident to shop online. They can buy whatever they want without leaving their home using their smartphone. The popularity of online payment option has increased the sales and profit volumes of many businesses manifolds.

  1. No More Brick And Mortar Offices

You do not have to be present in your office or be sitting in front of your laptop to reply to an important email. By using your mobile phone, you now can perform a number of business-related activities from your home or on the move.

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iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is coming out this fall.

Here are some of the rumored features:

  1. It is supposed to be thinner than the iPhone 6. Speculations say that they are removing the traditional headphone jack and maybe using single chip technology.
  2. May be able to hide the stock IOS apps.  Not all stock apps are going to be able to be removed because of how they are tied into the operating system.  However the ones that aren’t so tightly integrated may be able to be removed.  NICE!
  3. iPhone 7 may have a dual camera set up – there were dual lens tests supposedly going on in February. we shall see.
  4. The new iPhone 7 may include gestures like that on the Apple Watch.  For example, patting the phone may decline a call or waving your hand could turn a page of an ebook you are reading.  Can you imagine lifting your hand or dropping your hand allowing you to control the volume?  If you are Italian and you talk with your hands, wonder what things a conversation might trigger on your iPhone.

The excitement of getting a new iPhone also comes along with the anxiety of getting it fixed.  It is expensive to get a new phone and most of the time VERY expensive to fix if you can even find someone to fix it.  So, where do you go to get your phone fixed?  I always search social media or talk to Siri about it.

One thing I noticed recently are the number of businesses that are popping up on FB and advertising.  Sort of turning into a Yelp or G+.  Here is a Facebook page

You can check out reviews and posts online to see what they fix and how they are rated. One thing I like to take a look at is not only the good reviews, but the bad ones. Once I find a company I think I like, I call the shop and talk with their technicians about my exact phone and model before I buy. They know which ones break all the time and what the problems are with them are.

So when the new iPhone 7 comes out – wait a month or so, call the repair shops and see what they think of the phone before you purchase it.  Also as them about the pricing on parts and the availability.  The iPhone 6 parts are still expensive and hard to come by.  But, you know when the 7 comes out the prices will start coming down on the 6.

May be a good time to buy a used iPhone 6 when the new iPhone 7’s come out. You can get them at a good price and you could always meet the person that you are purchasing it from at the repair shop – have diagnostics done and make sure that it is in good condition before you buy it.

I sort of feel like I was all over the map on in this article.  Hope you found some of it to be helpful! You can always contact us to suggest a topic.



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Prepaid Cell Phones

logo-rightWith so much buzz built up around prepaid cell phone service and the storm of limelight’s and advertising campaigns provided to cellular phone service providers, choosing which prepaid to go with could be mind boggling. Prepaid cell phone service enables adaptability that you simply can’t get with standard cell phone providers.

Prepaid mobile phone don’t need an agreement. Whether you maintain your cell phone or otherwise is entirely up to you. The majority call for a recharge every thirty or ninety days in order to maintain the very same cell phone number.

Check with your local cell phone repair shop about fixing your phone should you drop it and break the screen or require other repairs.


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Brain Tumors and Cell Phones

Using mobile phones has increased rapidly throughout the late 1990’s. On that particular duration, newer wireless communication innovations have surfaced. Presently, According to CTIA – The Wireless Association, cellular telephone proprietors in U.S have reached to 194.5 million which recorded over 65 percent of total UNITED STATES Population.cell-phone-cancer

However, there are numerous concerns being talked about to asses the safety and security implications of cellphones to human wellness.

For many users, a brand-new finished research was published online in the International Journal of Cancer. The research was done by a collection of scientists from several universities headed by Anna Lahkola of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland. Study reveals that using a mobile phone creates the danger of developing a human brain lump called “Glioma”.


Cell Phone Contracts

shutterstock_122233642-300x300It appears that every person out there has a mobile phone nowadays and there are several business to choose from. You could discover a particular kind of phone you like or know where you could have service that covers your typical area of traveling. Before you could obtain these kinds of mobile phones though you should truly look carefully at the mobile contract. There could be fees and conditions that you typically aren’t going to like.

Many cell phone contracts are for a duration of 2 years. That is a very long time to be dedicated to a firm you typically aren’t delighted with. This is why you should see to it you know just what you are receiving from the very beginning. Make the effort to review information about certain phones and the quality of customer service from the cell phone supplier.


Cell Phone Protection Accessories

There are mobiles phones of various companies available on the market today. A new brand appears to participate in the market every once in a while. Individuals have begun converting their cellphones into multipurpose gadgets by adding brand-new accessories to them. These devices perform 3 main jobs– offering safety and security, boosting the utility value of your cellphone and boosting its looks.

HTB1K3kpGpXXXXcLXXXXq6xXFXXX8When it comes to providing safety, it could be either the security of the cellphone customer or the safety and security of the mobile phone itself. To be honest, there are devices to attend to both sorts of safety worries. We will now look at the safety and security of the mobile phone as well as exactly how it can be taken care of.

There are different brands of mobile phones available on the market. While some are made and equipped to manage deterioration of routine usage, some are not. These mobiles have a possibility of getting harmed or could entirely stop functioning if they are not maintained safely. This holds true due to the fact that smart phones of some companies are truly vulnerable. Various other factors that your cell phone needs protection from are water, extreme temperatures, scrapes, and also unneeded drops.


Gadgets for Your Cell Phone

Mobile phones don’t stand alone anymore. The basic pick it up and dial is history. Cell phones provide considerably far more than ever before.

Other than the real use cell phones, the devices available are now many.

Mobile phones have numerous built in features currently. These functions might be all-in-one or they could be in different combos.

Relying on your requirements and budget plan will certainly determine the phone you choose.

Your major cell phone merchant will carry things such asCell-phone-accessories wireless headsets that you could attach to your ear and are used for hands free connection. You can be on the phone and also be using both hands for tasks you should do.

You could purchase a cell phone bag to enclose the phone securely when not being used. Depending on your tastes you can pick from a huge array of colors as well as styles.

Depending on the phone and the solutions given, downloading and installing ring tones is one more device or fuss readily available for you to select from.

Mobile phones can also be integrated with features such as; pictures, internet/email, messenger, text message, video taping, as well as could be made use of as an I-pod for downloading and playing songs.

There are lots of probabilities to select from; recognizing exactly what would best fit your demands and desires will certainly aid you in making your mobile phone selection.

Do not hesitate to ask questions of the carriers of service and products; when you are ready to make your purchase, you will certainly be well educated and be ready for obtaining just what you want.

Finding the Right Plan

Nowadays, there are numerous cell phone companies that want your business. They offer totally free smart phones, appealing strategies, and low regular monthly prices. But not all plans are the same. Some firms demand extra for phone calls made outside the calling area, while others charge for using added features such as text message and picture uploading. When seeking a cellular phone plan, you need to decide exactly what you need in regards to the variety of mins, special features, and also unlimited location use. This will provide you a much better suggestion of which wireless phones are for you.


Cell Phones for the Elderly

download (7)Mobile phone firms often market their item towards young people and young families. They are missing out on a sensible market by not marketing even more towards the elderly. Cell phones are a life saver for several senior individuals.

Those senior individuals that still live independently but alone have the choice of putting a cell phone in their pocket if they are venturing outside or even clipping it to their clothes when they are walking around their home throughout the day in the event they slip and fall. A cellular phone in the hands of the elderly right after a fall can actually save their life.


Cell Phones and Children

Child-Cell-PhoneThe demands of kids are getting more tough to keep up with. Once upon a time the largest thing on a twelve year-old’s shopping list was a new bicycle. Currently youngsters desire cell phones at younger and more youthful ages. How old is old enough to acquire the ever intended cellular phone? Just how young is too young?

Mobile phone shopping for younger children could be really tough. Depending on the age of the child it is feasible they have not developed adequate self restraint to manage a cell phone. School work could suffer as might various other social relationships.


Cell Phone Accessories

It is challenging to locate an individual who does not have cell phone these days. Cell phones have actually spread rapidly with maintenance costs lowering due to liberalization of telecom sector in a lot of nations of the globe. The cell phone market has in truth generated big revenue in the last 5 years. A variety of mobile providers have also come up in all the nations and they have developed a booming company for themselves.